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  • 70s Knitted Floral Skirt Size S

    We fell in love with this unusual skirt almost right away. The playful floral prints are accompanied by rainbow geometrics and layered in bands, creating a really visually striking effect....
  • Vintage 60s Quilted Paisley and Floral Print Skirt Size S

    Vintage 1960s maxi skirt made from a padded floral & paisley fabric. The skirt goes all the way down to the floor and sits on the waist, it does up...
  • Vintage 70s Fuschia Pink Pencil Skirt Size S

    Beautiful and vibrant abstract print pencil skirt. Stunning abstract burgundy and orange design on a light pink background. Front button zip fastening with waistband loops for a narrow belt and...
  • Vintage 70s Tartan Pleated Skirt Size S

    Gorgeous 1970s maxi skirt, full of movement! Large pleats all the way around and A-line silhouette, with a serious swish when it moves. Thick waistband which is non-elasticated and fastens...
  • Vintage 80s Velvet Skirt Vintage 80s Velvet Skirt
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    Vintage 80s Velvet Skirt

    Waist- 24 inches, comfortably stretches to 27 inches Length- 37 inches Slit- 13 inches
  • Vintage 90s Floral Mini Skirt Size S

    Gorgeous playful wraparound skirt in a graphic floral print (green, yellow, red on a black backdrop). Does up with a safety button and then two black geometric buttons on the...
  • Vintage 90s Khaki Silk Skirt Size S

    Sombre coloured maxi skirt made from dark green khaki silk and embellished all over with big floral line drawings. It is fully lined with synthetic khaki fabric. Also has sequins...
  • Vintage Angora Oilily Skirt Size XS

    Fund and unusual woolly mustard yellow skirt with floral embroidery detail by Belgian brand Oilily, famous for its unusual prints and bright colour palette. The skirt is fully lined so...
  • Vintage Floral Silk Skirt Size S

    Vintage floral silk skirt in the style of pointillist painters. The skirt has an elasticated waistband and a slight ruffle around the hem. It sits neatly around the waist. The...
  • Vintage Novelty Alphabet Print Skirt Size S

    Vintage 1980s unusual print striped skirt - cream and navy blue stripes are the backdrop for a cheeky, humorous print of nude figurines forming the alphabet! We haven't seen anything...
  • Vintage Ted Lapidus Skirt Size S

    Vintage 1970s Ted Lapidus striped skirt. Mostly white, with bold striped bands of bright yellow, red, blue and green nearer the hem. A lovely detail are the buttons down the...
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